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If you are a realtor, the fate of your online business depends largely on how your pictures look. Customers are attracted by images that are clear and define the exact structure of your property. No customer would think of buying a house that seems dark and gloomy.HomedyphotoCo.
Homedyphoto provides a wide range of real estate photo editing services to deliver highly-appealing property images to help you increase sales and profits. From cropping and rotation, and correcting angles to manipulating the images for colors, size, and density, we do it all as part of our real estate image editing services. We make use of the latest and most advanced software and technologies to meet the needs of realtors, builders, real estate agencies, and others.utpat.


Our virtual furniture stands out from the crowd! This is because all of our furniture and rooms are styled by a professional award-winning interior designer. We use the best software possible not simply cutting and pasting furniture in photoshop.

Virtual staging is a great way for our clients to make extra revenue without lifting a finger. Simply send us the images that require virtual staging and select from our custom range of furniture styles to turn empty rooms into attractive spaces that sell.


Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with our day to dusk virtual retouching services. Everybody knows that a dusk shoot helps a property stand out; it makes average properties look good and good properties look amazing. This product is ideal for photography studios wanting to bolster their income without having to be out shooting every night. Sit back, relax, have a glass of wine, and let us do the hard work for you and watch your clients smile when they see the end result.

Photo Enhancement

House and home hold extensive experience and technical know-how in converting ordinary shots taken by you into a brilliant one. Catering to photo studios, image editing agencies, digital photographers, eBook editors, real estate agents, online art galleries, web designers, webmasters, catalog publishers, and others, our image editing professionals use high-end software and technology to make your images more vibrant.

Homedyphoto has expertise in a wide array of services that range from the color balance, adjustment of saturation, correcting the density and brightness of pictures, cropping, removing the noise and the blemishes, etc. We work on the trusted Adobe Photoshop CC software and make the best out of its powerful features and tools. We aim at providing high-quality output.


Allow us to declutter your images using the latest tools and techniques to display each property at its best. Regardless of the environment in which your real estate photos have been captured, we will ensure that they are clean and attractive. Removing general mess, clutter, furniture, clothes, toys, books, signs, posters, vehicles etc, even adding Virtual Furniture. We can do it all at cost effective prices and in a quick turnaround time.


Allow us to digitalize your floorplans from onsite sketches or builders’ plans into custom floorplans to suit your brand or your client’s requirements. For most photographic studios servicing the property market, floorplans are now an essential item. Have your floorplans stand out from your computers; just ask how.


From $0,5
Free test 3 photo
Replace blue sky to image
Blue water
Straightening & crop
Removing simple shadows / reflections
Place fire into fireplaces unless otherwise specified
Standard delivery: 12hr



From $0,5
Basic level
Medium level
Hard level
De-Clutter level
Standard dilivery time: 18hr


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Redraw from raw file/hand drawn material
Redraw from file/technical draw
Design style free
Add style upon requirements!
Standard dilivery time: 18hr


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Add decor/furniture
Replace furniture
Replace Floor / wall
Add style upon requirements!
Standard dilivery time: 18hr




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