Draw a floor plan step by step including steps such as measuring dimensions, drawing to calculate the appropriate proportions, using specialized tools, and drawing carefully and decisively.
The floor plan is a virtual representation of the building layout scaled down to the real house and it is a top view of the house projected onto the plane. In the past, it was officially done only by architects, but to this day, sketching has supporting tools so it is also drafted by homeowners and real estate agents. We can draw with software or you want to edit and draw drawings in the most detail, then drawing by hand is the best choice. Here we will guide you to draw a floor plan step by step.

Steps to draw a floor plan by hand


Necessary tools to draw a floor plan

There are two ways to draw a floor plan: we can draw with the software on the computer or draw by hand. To draw by hand we prescribe the necessary tools such as specialized rulers such as straight edge tape measure, triangle size, protractor size, architectural pencil, compass, eraser, tape.

1. Measure the area, size of the house

Using a tape measure, measure the lengths of each nook and cranny of the house and record them carefully making sure not to confuse the numbers. You can do it alone or if you want the job to be fast and accurate you need at least one person to support you.

2. The exterior 

First, we draw the frame and the outside of the house to make the base for the next drawing. For the sake of simplicity, we will use a rectangle, this is the basic shape. But if your house has a different shape, you can change this shape and draw what you have. 

Drawing a floor plan is a careful process


3. The interior 

After that, we started adding details on the inside including the pictures that once divided the house, using predefined symbols to mark locations such as stairs, furniture or dividing items. bedroom, dining room, living room.

4. Add doors and windows

After drawing the exterior and basic parts of the property, we will add the doors and windows. But before you draw the doors and windows, calculate the scale to determine their location. The door position must be dimensioned from the center of the wall location. As for the window, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable distance and size. They are also measured from the center of the wall.

5. Add electrical symbols

In addition to the fixed and essential objects that make up the house, the power lines and electrical equipment are also indispensable parts. Icons for electrical wiring harnesses, light switches, wall lights and doorbells should be in their places. Since your view is from above, mounted fixtures such as ceiling lights and fixtures must be painted on the floor.

6. Clean up

Finally, we complete your floor plan. Use an eraser to erase the wrong places. Darken the lines to show them properly using a straightedge and no hands to avoid further mistakes. 
And those are the most necessary and minimal steps to draw a floor plan. After completion, we will let experts comment and fix it into a final version.
Hopefully, after this article you will know how to draw a floor plan step by step to use for your work. Website: https://homedyphoto.com/.




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