How do you do virtual staging? You can do virtual staging through pre-installed apps on your phone or through free and paid software on your computer.

More and more modern life, people change from online real estate viewing to photo viewing and virtual staging to save time and effort and can achieve the required effect as if it were real. So how do you do virtual staging?

What is virtual staging?

Virtual real estate staging is the process of preparing a property to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Services may include enhancing the appeal of the property by altering or redeploying the space to appeal to a larger audience, as well as less flashy cleaning, repair, and embellishment steps.

Virtual staging performs similar services, but instead of changing the actual house, you change the high-resolution images like 2D and 3D. Buyers will have a more authentic experience and greater reliability, leading to a more confident purchase decision.

real estate photo editing services

Virtual staging made easy

Virtual staging apps

  1. RoOomy

This is the best service for virtual staging applications. You can consult with professionals who create professionally staged 3D renderings. Once the pros have done their job, agents can offer potential buyers the ability to further customize the virtual rig through roOomy’s iOS interior design app.

Apps usable on iOS. Depending on different tiers, the purchase price will have a higher difference according to each premium.

  1. iStaging

The app turns a compatible smartphone into a VR camera to capture 360-degree tours of any space giving you the most immersive experience with just one phone.

But first, choose the plan that fits your needs. Depending on your working conditions, you can open VIP packages with different prices.

Virtual staging through apps and software

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