The problem: “How do you edit bracketed photos in real estate normally?” makes many photographs confused. Bracketing is one of the easy ways to overcome technical limitations and create natural-looking images so you need to know some tips to edit them effectively.


How do you edit bracketed photos in real estate normally? Bracketed photos allow you to capture the same scene multiple times with different settings for later blending so a bit of tip for editing will be helpful for you.


Before editing, you need to set up your camera

  • Shoot in RAW format.
  • Keep the same aperture throughout, as you don’t want a different depth of field on the final image.
  • Find out where your camera’s metering mode is and change it to a matrix for Nikon users or Review for Canon.
  • Mark your exposure and shoot at 2 EV steps if you choose to do three brackets or 1 step EV if you’re doing five brackets. Examples of this are: EV -2, -1, 0, +1, + 2.
  • Make sure you don’t have moving objects in your images, such as cars or people. Some software has built-in functions to reduce the ghosting effect of objects moving in the HDR image, it’s still pretty hard to fix it perfectly.
  • How do you edit bracketed photos in real estate normally?

  • How do you edit bracketed photos in real estate normally?

    1. Exposure setting EV

    There are 3 popular types of bracketing settings:

    • EV0, EV-2 – for most scenes;
    • EV0, EV+2, EV-2 – for real estate interiors and other high-contrast scenes;
    • EV0, EV+2, EV-2, EV+4, EV-4 – for something truly contrasting. For example, when there is a sun in the frame along with some dark cliffs.


    1. Merge images in frames into HDR

    You can use Photoshop by following the below guideline:

    • Put all the frames into layers.
    • Select all layers to merge.
    • Edit -> Auto-Align Image (to remove any camera movement between frames)
    • Edit -> Auto blend images.
    • Stack images.
    • Merge image to edit bracketed photos in real estate

      1. Bracketing Focus
    • In this case, we create brackets with different focus points and then blend them. To create an image with curly braces to stack the focus:


      • Place your camera on a tripod
      • Switch to manual focus
      • Focus on the nearest subject and shoot. A remote control eliminates camera movements;
      • Carefully rotate the focus ring to another subject a few meters away. This should be where the focus area of ​​the previous image ends. Take a shot
      • Repeat until you cover all the range up to infinity. F/16 is suited enough for three shots.


      1. Focus on the stacked image

      You can understand how to blend focus stacking in Photoshop

      • Put all frames into layers
      • Select all layers to merge;
      • Edit -> Auto-Align Image (to remove any camera movement between frames)
      • Edit -> Auto blend images. Here you should choose Image Overlay mode and it will try to blend all automatically


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