How to sell commercial property without a realtor. The way to sell commercial property without a realtor is to open your own agency, take advantage of the internet to find customers directly without intermediaries.
For the sale of real estate, most of us have to go through a broker. However, going through a broker makes us less profitable, easy to compare with other businesses as well as vulnerable to sophisticated fraudulent organizations. Then how to sell commercial property without a realtor? What are the benefits of selling real estate without a realtor?

Selling without realtors requires a reliable team

Benefits of selling real estate without a realtor

Commission fee savings 

Selling your commercial property without a brokerage means saving thousands of agency commissions. You then have more flexibility in pricing competitively and generally selling as quickly as possible.


Cut advertising costs

Advertising costs can affect the spendable budget of your property. It can be significantly lower if you do not work through any intermediaries but bring direct effects to your business. Additional brokerage costs for employees must be paid. Full control and spending will be used to market your commercial property.


Close to customers

No agent can answer inquiries from buyers like you can, with direct marketing you get to reach the closest customers to understand their needs and satisfy their customers. No middleman and deal directly with buyers for better results.


More control 

Enjoy absolute control over how you market and promote your property. There’s no pressure on unnecessary facility costs for your platform listing. You decide where your money is best spent based on the actual requirements of the buyer.


Use your time better 

Decide when is right for you to show potential buyers through your property. No more constrained by the time and busy schedule of the realtor.

Be careful when promoting your own business for real estate


Sell commercial property without a realtor

Bring in an inspector

A certified inspector will check the overall condition of the commercial property and help you find the necessary repairs before you can put it on the market.


Make any necessary repairs

After a thorough inspection and approval from your supervisor, make all repairs to protect your investment. Decide if the repair costs for the proposed repairs are worth it relative to the compensation you will receive.


Independent appraisal service 

You should hire an independent appraiser after all repairs are complete. They will determine the sale price of your property based on amenities, location, and similar commercial sales through local market research and numbers.


Professional cleaners are best if you have the funds to pay for them

Don’t forget to pay attention to the facade and landscaping, that’s where customers pay the most attention if you want to impress potential buyers.


Shipping services 

Hire a professional to draft your supplier contracts and statements to minimize legal risk.




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