Is a floor plan an architectural drawing

? A floor plan is not an architectural drawing, although they share some similarities.

A floor plan and an architectural drawing are two indispensable components if you want to do construction and repair work. However, not everyone has the right perception and understanding of a floor plan and an architectural drawing. So

is a floor plan an architectural drawing?

I. What is a floor plan?
Plans in construction are defined as projections of buildings onto the horizontal plane. When looking at the ground, the viewer will have the feeling that they are standing at the highest position and have an overview of the overall space of the building.
Ground in construction, construction design is the most important image of a drawing. It tells us the size and layout of the rooms, the items, the amenities in the room, the transportation system as well as the location, size and thickness of the walls.
Normally, architects will choose a cross section position at a height of 1.5m above the floor, equivalent to the height of doors and windows. In case the floor has many doors at different heights, the turning section method will be used to describe it.

Floor plan showing details of the interior layout of the property

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