Should real estate photos be portrait or landscape? The service takes real estate photos with high quality and provides you with how to take real estate photos professionally


Should real estate photos be portrait or landscape is the popular question among people who want to take some gorgeous photos. Here is some useful advice to help you decide between portrait or landscape photos. 

Should real estate photos be portrait or landscape?

Should real estate photos be portrait or landscape?

  1. Similarities between portrait or landscape

  • Image orientation: In general, page orientation refers to how you view, display, or print a document. Portraits or landscapes are two types of orientation. Image orientation also uses landscape and portrait to describe how the photo appears on the screen or in print.
  • Categories: Portraits and landscapes are photography categories that you can use to frame and capture the look, style, and emotions of your subject. Both follow the principles of composition, including the rule of thirds, symmetry, depth, pattern, and angle.
  • Camera modes: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and smartphones all offer landscape and portrait modes. This makes both photo settings pre-programmed for scene creation and photography. Both act as automatic shooting modes that control the camera’s exposure settings.
  • Digital apps: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer both portrait and landscape uploads. The same applies to listing sites, like MLS, that have upload size requirements. Depending on how much you want the image to cover the screen, you can use these image orientations when uploading photos and videos. 
  • The answer for should real estate photos be portrait or landscape?
    1. Differences between portrait or landscape

  • Camera movementWhen photographing landscapes, you need to hold the DSLR camera body in a natural, horizontal orientation. Meanwhile, you have to rotate the camera 90 degrees and keep it upright to shoot in portrait mode.


    Compositional Focus

    The high edges of a portrait allow you to get a tighter shot, as you can decide what to include or exclude in the frame. In contrast, landscape shots allow you to capture more of the background, foreground, and subjects that are closer to the subject.


    Emotional Impact

    As a photographer, you can apply emotional appeal using visual orientations to stimulate emotions from potential home buyers. In a portrait shot, you can make the staircase look majestic while shooting it in landscape mode can make it appear smaller or weaker.


    The answer for should real estate photos be portrait or landscape?

    • Landscape orientation also applies to other niches, especially street, nature, architecture, and real estate photography. You can also use landscapes for street and event photography, especially when photographing groups of people and other subjects.


    • It is best to use portrait orientation for shooting environments where you need a tighter and higher angle of view. You can often apply this vertical angle to studio portraits, full-body shots, solo photos at events, and even photos of your cute little Staffordshire Bull Terrier and other breeds.


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