What are types of architectural drawing is a question many people ask when they want to learn about the types of drawings that architects often use in construction.
What are types of architectural drawing will be shared with readers in detail and completely right in this article with the most interesting, useful and professional information. Architectural drawings are drawings commonly used for residential construction, commercial buildings or any construction project. There are quite a few different types of architectural drawings that architects choose for their projects. Depending on the type of building and construction characteristics, architects will come up with ideas and combine many types of drawings together. Among many types of drawings in theory, architects often choose only certain drawings, which are common and often applied to many different works.
I. Wondering what are types of architectural drawing?
We should first explain what the concept of architectural drawings is in order to better understand this type of drawing, then we can practice classifying them. Architectural drawings are the most detailed and realistic illustrations of a building created by architects during the design and construction process. In the architectural drawing, it is necessary to fully show many necessary elements of a building or work such as the layout of the rooms, the place to place the appliances in the family, …
Types of drawings commonly used by architects include:

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