What is a floor plan for the ground level of a building called? It’s called a ground floor plan with the notation of a top-down section of the ground floor.

Drawing techniques have many different types of floor plans, so we are often confused about the function of each drawing. Recognizing and understanding symbols in drawings helps us to have the right perspective when reading drawings. So what is a floor plan for the ground level of a building called?


The concept of the ground floor

Floor: horizontal plane or compartment divides space into upper and lower parts with different heights

Ground: at the bottom, close to the ground

Thus, we only use the word ground floor for houses with 2 floors or more. (ie except for level 4 houses).

In the design of the house, this is commonplace for family members. Rooms such as the living room, kitchen, dining room are also often arranged here. In addition, in some cases, the ground floor is also used for parking.

In the design of modern high-rise buildings, many people think that the ground floor is the basement where parking is used. Some people think that the ground floor is the floor where the reception is usually arranged, the first place to receive reception.

What is the ground? 

The flat projection is the projection of the rest of the house onto the flat projection plane after imagining cutting off the top by a section parallel to the projection plane. Usually, to show more clearly, people choose the position of the section at a height of 1.5m above the background, this is the height with doors and windows. In the case of real estate equipped with many doors at different heights, we use the section method to describe.

When distinguishing from longitudinal cuts, depending on the number of floors and its complexity or simplicity, we stipulate the number of premises of each work accordingly.

How to read floor plans

Overall plan: In the overall plan, the viewer will clearly see all the many utility areas located in that project. Each area is numbered sequentially and is annotated. You can conveniently spot many of these areas.

Typical floor plans: In terms of typical floors, we can look at the drawings to see the apartments as well as the ground floor, on the drawings there are also specific area annotations.

The floor plan of the ground floor, called the ground floor drawing, is different from the general drawing, the ground floor drawing has a simple structure because it only has a section of one floor. However, the necessary symbols of the floor plan should always be on the ground floor plan.

A floor plan for the ground level

The article What is a floor plan for the ground level of a building called? introduces the reader to the information about the drawing on the ground floor.

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