What kind of plan drawings is considered an architectural plan? It is floor plan, site plan, cross section, landscape, elevation.
Many architectural jobs involve sketching new designs by drawing. Since architects can design almost any type of structure, there are many different types of architectural drawings they can use. In this article, we define

What kind of plan drawings is considered an architectural plan


Plans drawing is considered an architectural plan


I. An architectural drawing

Architectural drawings are illustrations of real estate during the design process. Architectural drawings provide a clearer and easier visualization when moving into the construction phase of a new building. They have the ability to show construction workers detailed information about a building that can inform their work, such as where to place windows or doors, how many floors they need to plan, and what material.


II. Plans drawings is considered an architectural plan

1. Floor plan

A floor plan is a detailed illustration of the layout of a room. When designing a building with multiple rooms or floors, architects can create floor plans for each room to structure as it is built, such as the placement of doors and windows.

Floor plans can also be used during the construction phase of a building to guide construction workers. To create effective floor plans, architects can use their knowledge of dimensions and installation levels to understand the size of a room, the shape of the room.


2. Site plan

A site plan is a drawingthat shows an overview of a construction site, a site plan typically includes illustrations of the new building as well as any construction projects that may accompany it. It is valuable to both architecture and construction workers as they provide a complete view of the construction site and allow the architecture and construction team to know the same information. 

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Plans drawing suitable for various working conditions of architects

3. Elevation

Elevation drawings show the height of a building and how its height can affect the structure. Elevation can indicate the exact height of a building to determine the dimensions of certain fixtures, such as doors and windows, to ensure they are usable and have an attractive appearance. Elevation can also tell architects about the direction of the sun and wind strength a building may experience to determine how they can strengthen the structure’s integrity in height.

The article What kind of plan drawings is considered an architectural plan? introduce you to plans drawing suitable for architectural drawings. 

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