Photos are an important part of any type of real estate advertisement. The resolution for real estate photos also has a significant influence on final results. That’s why real estate agents need to pay attention and really consider the question “What resolution should I use for real estate photos?”.


The answer for What resolution should I use for real estate photos? depends on the purpose of the photos and the channels these real estate photos would be posted. As a professional real estate photography service, Mono-soft will give you some useful tips following below.


Here are some answers for the question: “What resolution should I use for real estate photos?”


1.High or low resolution should you use for real estate photos


High resolution for real estate photos will be needed for brochures, advertisements and print communications. It will help real estate photos become clear, bright, making real estate photos more impressive. However, if you use high-resolution real estate photos to post on the website or on the app, the website size is very large and you have to load the website for a long time. Due to that, you would have to reduce the image size to make the website load faster. Therefore, if you want your website to load quickly, you need to reduce the image size. 

High resolution for real estate photos 


  1. Real estate photo resolution should use for the social media channels


Firstly, you should choose the shape format for the real estate photos. GIF (Graphic Interchange File) is an image format with simple color textures and limited tones. The format supports 256 colors and transparent colors. JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the main format for displaying photos and images with continuous tones (no transparent colors). It is a widely used format for websites. This format supports millions of colors but does not support transparent colors. JPEG is a format compressed by the Zip method. As a result, the size of this format is greatly reduced (much lighter than PNG) so use this format for all remaining images. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a format that combines the two best points of GIF and JPEG, which supports the transparent color of GIF and millions of colors or JPEG. However, the PNG file size is very large (3 times more than JPEG), so this format is used for images with transparency.

JPEG low resolution for real estate photos


With an icon, you only need to use an image with a size of 50 x 50px with this size the image size is reduced by 400 times. That is, with an image of 400 KB after resizing the image to only 1KB. In addition, you can use icon libraries such as font awesome, bootstrap, etc. to replace the original image. Then this icon size will be in bytes. Therefore, you should resize the image to fit the size of the image displayed on the website. That will help you a lot in optimizing your real estate website.


In addition to the two factors above, image quality is also a thing worth paying attention to in real estate website optimization. With two images of the same size, same format, but one with a resolution of 100 (according to the quantity in photoshop) and one with a resolution of 60. You will not be able to tell which is a 100 resolution image and which is 60. The left image is a 100 resolution image (723kb) and the right image has a resolution of 60 (352kb).


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