What’s difficult about real estate photo editing? You need to know about these difficulties to understand why real estate photo editing services are needed.


Real estate is one of the hottest fields in the market today with huge profits. With the increasing needs of people today, this field has never shown any signs of slowing down. Therefore, real estate photo editing is also more sought after to meet the needs of customers. This article we will talk about: What’s difficult about real estate photo editing?

You need to get the verticals right

Clients and photographers in interior house photography agree on one thing: verticals must be accurate! Verticals abound in most interiors, including the edges and corners of walls, door frames, and windows, and these edges must be true verticals. Vertical edges converge or diverge when wide-angle lenses are not level (e.g., they’re slanted slightly upward toward the ceiling or downward toward the floor), and they no longer appear straight.

Real estate photo editing has certain difficulties

The problem is fixed immediately away if you use a tilt-shift lens, however TS lenses aren’t for everyone. So, how do you go about it? How do you keep your images from being ruined by converging and diverging verticals? Because a perfectly level camera will record straight verticals, one frequent way is to level the camera — that is, make sure it isn’t tilting up or down. While this is a straightforward approach, it does not necessarily result in the finest compositions; for example, a level camera at chest height can cut off foreground elements like furniture at the bottom while leaving too much ceiling at the top. 

Adjust the light

You won’t be able to be sure if the photos you take from the house have enough light for the interiors requested by the client. The lighting is not enough, the editing is much more difficult when you have to do the lighting before putting together the furniture. If the light is too high, you need to adjust both the interior and the light of the photo accordingly. This leaves editors to go through a lot of complex processing to bring about a compatible photo between the real photo and the furniture added through editing.

Real estate photo editing requires meticulousness

Needs a lot of attention to detail

Customers certainly don’t want to receive an interior collage that doesn’t match the actual photo at all. And editors need to pay close attention to details to come up with an image that is as close to the real thing as possible. Even with difficult customers, you can completely complain because the texture of this sofa is not big enough, the shadow for this cabinet doesn’t look real… That’s the problem with the question, What’s difficult about real estate photo editing? You have to pay attention to every little thing in the photo, not everyone can do this well.

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