Why do photographers take so long to send our picture? This is a popular question of almost every customer when they use photographic service. Let’s find the answer from this paper.


You must have taken a photo and edited it with your smartphone once in your life. You find that the process is incredibly quick and it’s the exact opposite of waiting for the photographers to return your photos after the shoot. In our day and age, we’re so used to instant gratification that it’s hard when we actually have to wait on something. In this article, we will go with you to find out “why do photographers take so long?”


Why do photographers take so long?

People raise their camera phone, press the button, and then hit the share icon, and your photo is complete and available online. You can even “edit” your photo to some extent and have it online in a matter of minutes. So why do photographers take so long to post or send you your photos?

Real estate photo in raw mode


Many professional photographers prefer to use cameras in RAW mode. It captures far more data than your camera does, allowing them to manipulate the colors and lighting and edit the image far more easily than if the photographer had simply shot in.jpg format (which is a very compressed and “lossy” image format).




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